Cemetery Plot Plans

Hi Kathryn,

My grandfather owned a funeral home in Dartmouth and whenever I
needed information he would always have the caretakers name, so try
the local funeral home.

On another note, this is for anyone who reads this. I am trying to
find out two things:

Caroline Smith, daughter of George Edward Smith and Mary Hatfield
married Thomas(Joice) Joyce, only to be widowed in 1857. She then
married James Gow. According to Heather Robinson, she had three
children Leah Mira 1852,James Robert 1855, and George Edward 1857.
These children are all Thomas Joyce's apparently. The boy's names
were changed to Gow and Leah's last name is listed as Knowlton in
1871 census. Can anyone tell me what info they have on these children
and when Caroline died? I have Leah marrying a William Russell Potter
in King's County in 1876 and stating her parents were Robert and
Rosamond Knowlton(can't find them either). Found a supposed brother??
Oliver but found out there is a Smith connection through this Robert
Knowlton. Was she sent to live with other family? I have found a
George Gow who married a Sarah Eaton but nothing else.
Caroline's mother married a John Graham in 1822. So I now need a
death date for George Edward and who were the children of the Graham

My second question is regarding the Chandler boys of Isadore (Graham)
(Chandler) Joyce. I have the four boys Horace, Ira, Percy and Morley.
My questions here are: Does anyone have info on Morley, son of Ira?
Regarding Mansel's death, it states the parents were separated. Does
anyone have a divorce date and did Percy remarry before he died in
1950? I think that was the date without notes. Also, anyone know what
became of Morley? Heard he went to New Brunswick.

One more question, found an illegitimate daughter claiming my g
grandfather as her father, James Edward Joyce. Her name was Lydia
M.Yorke, daughter of Rebecca Yorke. Rebecca married an Alexander and
Lydia married a Fowler from Amherst. Any stats here would be greatly
appreciated. Thank You in Advance!

Katherine(Joyce) Walker