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hi my father sister is in Boston and maybe a relation. Iknow we have some in boston . please write maybe aconnection.

d36479@... wrote: Good Afternoon,
I checked the book and there are no Mcisaac's also checked all my records
on cemeteries that I have and found nothing there either. Have you tried
Cumberland County Cemeteries on line?
_ (
When I received this book I was upset to see my Patton's weren't listed.
Once more graves in overgrown places lost forever. Thank heavens I have pictures
of these even tho I can't get to them. I wrote to Mr. Keating and sent him a
list of our family graves in River Philip. He in turn sent me a few pages
that were not in the book, and a message that he was going to up his findings. I
wrote him a note a couple of months ago inquiring on his new book he said he
was working on. As of today I have not heard from him. I was in Nova Scotia
this past summer and didn't have a chance to stop in River Philip.
By the way one of my granddaughters married a MacIsaac from here in
Massachusetts. Sorry I couldn't help you any more.

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