Oxford Journal, June 27, 2007

From the Oxford Journal Newspaper, published Wednesday, 27 June 2007.

In The News, page 4.

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, July 2, 1997.

Thirteen-year-old Bryan BALKHAM is being hailed a hero after saving his
12-year-old friend Donnie Pye from drowning in Salt Lake the afternoon
of June 25.

Died - Tanya Lee Ann LARSEN, 15, Wallace, June 27.
Died - John Wilbur POWELL, 76, Springhill, June 28.
Died - Robert Paul MULLINS, 52, West Pugwash and Springhill, June 22.
Died - Max NIESON, Mount Pleasant, June 28.
Died - Beatrice Katherine (Auntie Bea) WRIGHT, 98, Wallace Bridge, June 29.

Twenty Years Ago
Wednesday, July 8, 1987.

Died - William Andrew FIELDS, 83, Victoria, July 1.
Died - Albert William MERTIN, 67, River John, July 2.

Thirty Years Ago
Wednesday, July 6, 1977.

The upper floor of the old Oxford Woollen Mills building is being
demolished and a new roof erected. Now the property of the Agriculture
Society, the lower floor is being used to house cattle entries at the
Cumberland County Exhibition.

Died - Clarence CHAPMAN, Millvale, June 23.

Forty Years Ago
Thursday, July 4, 1967.

Rev. and Mrs. PORTER, Shellagh and Keith, left today to take up
residence in Dartmouth where Rev. Porter will be the pastor of the
Dartmouth Baptist Church, concluding 12 years in Oxford.

Died - Estella Beryl O'BRIEN, Springhill, June 17.

Fifty Years Ago
Thursday, July 5, 1957.

Ron SMITH, well-known Pugwash Imperial Oil Distributor, had a narrow
escape when his arm came in contact with a 6900 volt wire while he was
attaching banners to a light pole for the July 1 celebration.

Died - Frank W. ALLAN, 75, well-known lobster packer and farmer,
Pugwash, June 20.
Died - Wesley Stanley STONEHOUSE, 79, Collingwood, June 16.

Sixty Years Ago
Thursday, July 10, 1947.

Capt A.E. SEAMAN has been appointed chief pilot for Pugwash and will be
the only man permitted to pilot loaded ships out of Pugwash. His
appointment followed the grounding of the S.S.Baron, Yarborough.

Traffic over the Palmerston Bridge, Pugwash, was halted on July 3 when
one of the 1,800 ton concrete cribs being built at Pugwash for a new
ferry dock at Cape Tormentine broke loose and drifted under the bridge,
causing serous damage to one foundation.

Seventy Years Ago
Thursday, July 15, 1937.

Horace BROWN, while visiting the Springhill Scout Camp at River View,
was rescued from drowning by George FOSTER, leader of the Scout troop.

NOTE: There is nothing further on any of the above.


ARSENAULT, T. Lorene, 92, Pugwash, formerly of Amherst, June 25, 2007.
Born in Middleboro, Cumberland Co., daughter of the late Clinton Russell
and Eunice Edna (Bland) Miller. Surviving are sisters, Jean MacIntosh,
Richmond, Cumberland Co.; Myrna (Avon) Bayers, Lawrencetown, Halifax
Co. Predeceased by her husband, Fred Arsenault; brothers, Lawrence and
George Miller; nephew, Tony Bayers.

NOTE: This is not a full obituary.

In MEMORIAM, page 21.

HOLLIS, Isbelle, who passed away June 21, 1998.
PATRIQUIN, Doris, who passed away June 30, 1989.