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Hi Pam:

I do but it's in a file I have access to for reference, belonging to James
E. Welsh in Maine. As it's his data and research, I would feel better if you
contacted Jim. I'm sure he'll help you out.

This reply is cc'd to him so he'll know what's going on. He's away visiting
one of his sons so it may be another week before he gets back to you though.

Frederick Lemuel Emerson McCully had 10 sons and 2 daughters. Many of those
had similar large families so it involves a lot of people and data.

Some spell it McCulley while others in the family spell it McCully.
Similarly, Newcombe / Newcomb; Winter / Winters etc.


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> Dave,
> Thanks for your input. Do you have additional information on all the
> children of Frederick Lemuel Emerson McCully? Also is the name spelt
> McCully or McCulley?
> Pam
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