Brown and Skidmore, Parrsboro

Does anyone know anything about the following family listed on the 1901
census in Parrsboro?

Brown H. W. M Head M Jul 22 1851
Brown Sarah A. F Wife M Jan 22 1853
Skidmore Jas E M Son in Law M Apr 7 1872
Skidmore Laura A. F Daughter M Jun 17 1877
McLeod Flora J. F Adopted S Dec 23 1891

I'm wondering if Flora McLeod is the biological daughter of Rory McLeod,
killed in the 1891 Springhill mine disaster, and his wife Flora Johnson.
Rory left a wife and two children and I'm not able to find Flora J. until
1911, living with her parents Donald and Lexey Johnson, in Springhill. She
died in 1945 in Pugwash. Is/was there a hospital devoted to individuals
with mental problems there? Family rumour has it that Flora suffered from
mental problems after Rory's death.

Pat in Calgary