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Oxford Journal, August 10, 2005

From the Oxford Journal Newspaper, dated Wednesday, 10 August 2005.

News 10 Years Ago
Wednesday, August 16, 1995.

The relocation of the local branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia from its
spot of 105 years at the corner of Main and Water Streets to the former
Co-op building on Upper Main Street may not be the ruination of the
downtown core, but it won't do it any good was the opinion of many
business owners in Oxford after learning the move had been confirmed.

An old but sometimes troublesome and inconvenient Oxford landmark may
soon be a thing of the past. Council approved a motion to ask CN Rail
to remove the overpass on Water Street.

Died - Walter Alexander MCKAY, 57, Port Howe, August 8.
Died - Elizabeth Christine SUTHERLAND, 103, Tatamagouche, July 17.
Died - Murray Allen TERRIS, 68, Collingwood, August 10.

News 20 Years Ago
Wednesday, August 7, 1985.

Died - Winnifred Loveta (BAKER) COULTER, 78, Pugwash, July 31.

News 40 Years Ago.
Thursday, August 6, 1965.

Eldon SAWLER and Ainsley PATRIQUIN received burns when a piece of
roadbuilding machinery exploded while working on the Trans Canada Highway.

Died - Mrs. Richard CAIRNS, 81, Roslin, August 2.

News 50 Years Ago
Thursday, August 11, 1955.

Died - Keith MACDONALD, 4 years old, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell
MACDONALD, Junction Rd., August 2.
Died - Andrew James WHEATON, Nappan, August 3.

News 60 Years Ago
Thursday, August 2, 1945.

Miss Faye Carolyn FRASER, Oxford, graduated from Camp Hill Hospital as a
nursing assistant on June 30.

News 70 Years Ago
Thursday, August 6, 1935.

The front shop of R.D. Russell's Rexall Drug Store and the kitchen of
the Knights of Pythias Hall above were badly gutted by fire last Sunday

NOTE: I have nothing further on any of the above.


SPICER, Catherine Elizabeth, 66, Pugwash, Tuesday, August 2, 2005, Born
in Pugwash, daughter of the late Charles and Ethel (HIGGINS) MACAULEY.
Husband - late Gerald. Children - Greg, Gordie, Karen, and
stepdaughter, Debbie. Siblings - Charles, Roddy, Helen, Carol, Roberta
"Bertie", and predeceased by Richard, Wendell, and Margaret.

CARDE, Frederick "Ted" William, 85, Springhill, Thursday, August 4,
2005. Born in Springhill, son of the late Frederick Patrick and Mildred
(CHAPMAN) CARDE. Children - Gary, Frederick, Douglas. Siblings - Earl,
Georgina, Marjorie, Sharon, Jean, and predeceased by James, Agnes,
Annie, Gladys, Doris, Alice.

ASHCROFT, Emily Elizabeth, 81, Halifax, August 7, 2005. Born in Great
Village, daughter of Stanley E. ROGERS. Husband - Hugh, married in
1943. Children - Beverly, Heather, and Harry. Siblings -Emerson,
Douglas, Prescott, Nathan, Charles, and predeceased by Sheldon, and Audrey.


STEVEN, wife and mother who passed away August 8, 1990.
COLBORNE, Eric, who passed away August 5, 1967.
PATRIQUIN, Gerald Wendell, September 1, 1927 - August 7, 1988.