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Dryden Surname (Halifax/Parrsboro)

I received this email and had no further information, so I'm hoping
someone in the group may be able to help. If you post here or to me
privately I will forward it on to this gentleman. Thank you!


"I was pleased to see your posting on Rootsweb of family tree, which
included the family of Eliza DESMOND and Ernest DRYDEN and which you
recently updated. I am a descendent of the Dryden family of Nova
Scotia, and I'd like to compare notes with you. I'm sure you have
seen the tree of the extended Dryden family I posted earlier.

Ernest's father, William, was a mariner and apparently he died at sea
sometime between 1896 and 1900. Unfortunately, what we know about
Ernest's ancestors is fairly limited. We know William was born in
Nova Scotia and his wife, Jennette, was born in Western Scotland.
Have you developed any further insight into the origins of William
and Jennette? Have you unearthed any specific information about
William's death (e.g., date and circumstances). Perhaps you noticed
that Ernest's mother, Jennet, remarried in 1902 to James Edward
Cole. Do you have any insight about this family?

Have you found any living Dryden descendents who have a good
knowledge of the family from their days in Parrsboro? Do you have
any information about any of Ernest's brothers and sisters? Do you
believe there are descendents of the family of William and Jennette
still living in Nova Scotia? Do you know where the children of Eliza
and Ernest ended up (i.e., city and town)?

Any other information you might have about the Dryden family would be
deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

Andy Hopper"