Phoebe & David Treen


This repeats some of what Pam has posted so everything is in one place.

I also have David Treen, s/o Joseph & Jerusha, married to Phoebe, d/o Belden &
Elizabeth. born c.1835, on 13 January 1853, Head of Wallace Bay.

I have David born 27 Feb 1834, Wentworth, NS; died 20 Jan 1900, West
Mansfield, MA; age 66y 10m 24d

In 1880, I have David 46 and Phoebe 45 in Mansfield MA with John 18.

David died before the 1900 census, so Phoebe would be a widow. In 1900, I
have Phoebe E. 55, born Oct 1844, with widower son John S. born July 1861 -
can't read his age, but he would fit the John in 1880. Phoebe should be 65, but
we know how accurate the censuses are. Phoebe had borne 3 children, 1 still
living. I think Fred J. 20, is Monroe. The 2 Purdy grandsons indicate that one
of her dead children was a daughter who married a Purdy. Henry Portious is
living next door. It looks like he is a widower, 44.

Phoebe E. Treen died 15 Jan 1909 in Mansfield MA, age 75y,3m, 1d - her
calculated birthdate is 14 Oct 1833. 1833 fits close enough to age from 1880 and
Oct fits with 1900. She is the widow of David Treen. BUT her parents were
Henry Treen and Rhuama Treen. The informant was Henry Portious. I don't
have a Rhuama Treen, nor a Henry married to a Rhuama ?.

I think there is a good case for the 1880 family to be David, s/o Joseph &
Jerusha with widow Phoebe and son John as in 1900 - but we'd have to sever
Phoebe from Belden & Elizabeth. Does anyone have a marriage record for David, s/o
J&J, that states his wife is d/o B&E?

In 1910, as expected, I couldn't find Phoebe. The only John Treen I found
was a widower 42 rooming in the household of James Guy. in Newburyport, Essex,
MA. James' sister Grace single 33 and niece Jessie Norman 14, both born
Canada Eng., are also in the household. John might be a 'laster, shoes'. BUT
he and his parents were all born in the US.

In 1920, John S. Treen 55 and his wife Grace 42 are living in Newburyport
with boarders Chester M. Hall 22 and wife Jessie 23. John is a turner in a shoe
factory. He was born in MA and his parents were born in Canada French.
Grace and Jessie were born in Nova Scotia.

In 1930, John S. Treen 67 and Grace 51 are living in Newburyport. Both of
them and their parents were born in Canada English. Next door are Chester M. 32
and Jessie 33 Hall with their daughter Dorothy E. 11. This time Jessie and
her parents were born in England.

Spring Brook Cemetery
John S. Treen buried 9 July 1944 - on the record are the names Alice W. Treen
and Grace P./G. Treen with a ?, so they may not be buried there.

Despite the census inaccuracies, I think this family is
David, s/o Joseph & Jerusha
Phoebe, d/ Henry and Rhuama
Sarah {Pam - does her birth record say just d/o David and Phoebe or does it
include info that Phoebe is d/o Belden & Elizabeth?)
John S. married Alice W. and Grace Guy
Sarah or ?? married a Purdy

So that leaves at least 2 questions
- who did Phoebe, d/o Belden & Elizabeth, marry
- who were the parents of Henry Treen and Rhuama Treen

Barbara Northan

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