Menagh of Ballyskeagh, Down, Ireland, 1783

John Menagh in 1783 registered his land at Ballysallagh, County Down.

A Agnes Menagh of Ballyskeagh married a John Moore. This John's
daughter, Eleanor married Nathaniel Larmon and eloped to Canada.

Also, in Ireland, 1843, John and Agnes Moore (nee Menagh)of
Ballyskeagh, had a son George Moore born 4th Feb. Family moved to
Craigantlet (source has copy of this John's will) George named after
Agnes' father, George Menagh.

George Menagh of Ballyskeagh died 25th June, 1836 aged 76 (b. 1760)
His son George Menagh of Newtownards died 29th July, 1864 aged 66
yrs. (b. 1798) Both buried at Bangor Abbey graveyard.

Hope this surname may be a variation of the same one. The above
information is from my John Moore of Goose River/Linden/Northport
area research collection. Also of note, the following,

In 1814 a John Moore registered his property at North Port Lane,
Newtownards. Leased from William Moore. Names on lease: William and
Jane Moore. (Parents perhaps?) Hmmmm... Northport, eh!