Hiram Brown - Brick Wall

Still searching to break down my Brick Wall
Hiram Brown, born unknown married Margaret Dacres Dec 1856 in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Margaret died
after 1867, probably in Parrsboro.

Family legend states that Hiram was lost at sea circa 1871 and that Margaret died in childbirth.
Two small sons, James Edward Brown born abt March 9, 1863 (from death certificate - 1860 on
headstone) and Amos born abt 1867. Another son died as an infant - John William Brown, born Dec
1864, died May 30, 1865). James and Amos were living with two McKay families in Parrsboro in 1871.
Were they friends or relatives?

I believe that Hiram may be related to the New Canaan, Cumberland County Brown's for two reasons:
1) when Amos was killed in the Joggins mines he was living in New Canaan. Clipping - From the
Saint John Daily Telegraph, 16 Sept 1892

"Amos Brown, 25 years of age, of Canaan, was instantly killed at Joggins Mines, N.S. last Thursday.
While in the act of hauling a number of loaded cars up the slope, the rope to which the cars were
attached broke and allowed the cars to rush with a terrific spead to the bottom of the pit, striking
Brown, who was standing near the track, killing him instantly."

2) My great aunt (Beatrice Brown Embree) told me that James and Amos had cousins in Joggins by the
name of Ray (or Roy) Brown. Could this be a descendant of Charles Brown who moved from New Canaan
to Joggins?

Any help would be appreciated in breaking this long standing brick wall.

Greg Brown
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