Re: Civil War


It would be extremely helpful if you cn find out what
unit he was in. Most Civil War Histories are by the
Unit (Such as the 7th Iowa Infantry or the 5th New

I know how difficult this can be. My great-great
uncle also died during the siege of Vicksburg. Like
the vast majority of the deaths there, he died of
disease, and not from combat.

If you can find out the unit he was in, you may even
be as lucky as I was. I got the enlistment record,
and the complete file on my great great uncles service
and found a picture of him at the U.S. Army Historical
Site at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.

Good luck with your quest,

Bill Stewart

Lynton (Bill) Stewart Metis, Scots and English Ancestry, Loyalist and Patriot, US and Canadian. Without all of them, I wouldn't be here.