Re: The Humbleness of Sheldon FURLONG

RE: You may find the odd flower or two around the old place too if ya like
that kind of thing. My
wife and I dable in the horticultural arts in a small way.

Sheldon... if there was an understatement that is one!
You have absolutely gorgeous gardens. Or should I say, many gardens and many
prolific plants all beautifully and tastefully arranged. For me, your
property/gardens was my most favorite place on 'The Garden" Tour" two
summers ago... and the owners of the garden are most gracious and

Of course on a Cumberland County Tour, don't forget Springhill ( where the
Coal Mines, Ann Murray & I were born), Oxford ( the location of the Oxford
Journal Newspaper on the beautiful River Philip and where I did my 12 th
year of school) and Amherst ( the shire town and the Cumberland County
Museum and Archives).

I always say, find a connection to one place in Cumberland County and you
will likely find connections to most all other places.
Yes, we'll all be looking forward to your visit to Cumberland County, Nova

~ Diane