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Please keep looking in Linden for Wood information, especially on Samuel Wood and F. Peter Wood.

Night life in Denver is great, there is everything possible to do here. However, my husband and I enjoy renting a movie and watching TV on a Saturday night. Or we take in a movie from time to time vt its usually a matinee. The Colorado Rocky Mountains are very close and we can drive up there within 45 min. We camp in the summer time and cross country ski in the winter. We even have a garden in our backyard, but nothing like you have!

Right now in Denver, we have the National Basketball All Star Game and activities. Denver is a happening place this weekend! They say every limo in town is booked and lots of celebrities are here. I am working at the game tonight - selling T-shirts, its my moon light job to put away money for my geneology adventures.

The sea, the trees, the farmland in NS is like the perfect vacation for us. All that fresh seafood - wow, I can hardly wait for July.

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Should any of my "descendants" be reading the email I just sent they may be
surprised to know they are resting comfortably in a Linden cemetery.

Okay so before someone points out that they might be resting with my
"ancestors" let me assure any descendants who may be reading this that they
are in fact alive and well and must still pay their taxes.

I always get this "descendant" vs "ancestor" thing messed up. I blame it on
the voices that my doctor does not seem to be able to squelch.

Like the voice in my head now that says " get off the computer and go down
to the basement and bring in some wood". I hate that voice.

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