Re: Brian & Company - Military Photos

Ronald N. Gowe <rongowe@t...> wrote:
> If you wish to see his original attestation paper, go to:
> change the last a
> to a b see the back side of the form. You can also look up his
> unit's diary on the military archives site. If he was killed
> on the continent this should be detailed on his unit's diary.

If you look at those attestation documents you'll notice they are
rubber stamped 106TH BN and the approving officer stamp Comd'g 106th
Overseas B'n C.E.F. "Nova Scotia Rifles". Presumably this was the
unit he began with when he enlisted, as the document says,
December 27, 1916.

If you look Harold Jesse Taylor up at Veteran Affairs:

It will say that he was with Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) Unit:
87th Bn. at the time of his death, April 9, 1917.

They also have a link to his place in the book of remembrance. This
site will at Veterans Affairs is a virtual memorial which requests
submissions of photos or information from family. It can be difficult
to look someone up though. In this case it won't find Harold Jessie
as its been recordedas Jesse, so you would either need to know that
or search for just Harold Taylor.

They also have information there from the Commonwealth War
Graves Commision but I just noticed if you actually go there and
search: can also print out a commemorative certificate for the individual.