Re: Cumberland County Seafarers

I recognized the connection as being "Rhindress" but
am always reluctant to "correct" transcriptions.
Sarah Jane Rhindress was the first wife of Robert
Slack, in Wallace, and my gr-gr-gr- Grandmother
Catherine was his second wife. Family lore has it
that Catherine's first husband, John Paul, was lost
to the sea, a record of which I'd dearly love to discover,
so I'm always looking for it.


---"Carolyn Beaulieu" <cbeaulieu@t...> wrote:
> There is one correction I would like to make however.
> I am quite certain that the "Kindress, John W." listed
> from Wallace, was in fact RINDRESS, John W. This man was
> lost at sea (now I know it was obviously after 1879!) and I
> wondered if you would have, or know of, any listing of
> Cumberland County men who died at sea?