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Hi Eric:

Two sons of Alexander Graham relocated to Grand Manan Island--The oldest
son, Robert H. and the third son, Alexander, my GGF.

Robert married Hannah Flagg, had 4 sons--Leander Clarendon, Wellington
Alexander, Arnold B., and Robert Hatsell. They stayed on GMI. There are
several Grahams still living there. I have seen the name Leander on the list
from time to time, seemingly a somewhat common name in Cumb. Co. Robert's
GGson, John Graham, lives in Truro, taught at Dalhousie Univ.

My GGF, Alexander, married Sarah Watt, had 13 children, relocated to
Washington state in 1890.

This Alexander and Robert, as well as a couple of other brothers, built
ships at Fox River. Their brother Leander Ellerton, the 8th son, was a
shipbuilder there for many years.

The children of Alexander Graham and Margaret Fife were:

Robert H. m. Hannah Flagg

James m. Nancy Curry

Alexander m. Sarah Watt

Henry Patrick m. Catharine Joyce

John William

William George m. Ruth Law

Albert d. at 11 months

Leander Ellerton m. Sarah A. Graham-not related--dau of John A. Graham of
Diligent River

Thomas F. m. Bertha Lewis

Charles E. m. Julia C. Hunter (BTW, Burpee died at age 5)

Albert m. Ida "Ada" Eunice Hatfield

Sarah Eliza m. John W. McNamara

I'm always interested in more info on the GRAHAMs and I do have a lot to
So far I've been unable to find the first Alexander Graham prior to his
marriage to Margaret Fife at St. George Anglican Church 19 October 1827.
Anyone out there know?

Sharon Gubrud
Eugene OR

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