Katherine, From what I understand, it was not too uncommon for cousins to
marry way back then.
Marriage date came from Birth Index, Cumberland Co. via Sandra Naehrig (a
regular contributor to the list).

The will of my GGGF, Alexander Graham, named his son Henry Patrick Graham
and wife Catharine Joyce Graham, along with all of his 10 other children and
spouses! That will was an incredible find!

Thank you for the Burpee info. I had wondered for a long time.
Coincidentally, a former Canadian friend here in Eugene has Burpee as a
maiden name! Her husband is related to Peels of NS. It truly is a small

A Bruce Graham is descended from my GGGF Alexander Graham--William George
Graham--Ross Graham--Harold Graham--William Graham--Bruce Graham. I don't
know if this is the TV anchor, since I live in Oregon. This will be
interesting to find out more about!

Sharon Gubrud

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