JOYCE family

I do have an index for the 1827 CENSUS but for Cumberland County only
You will see (in refernce to the note on formation of county boundaries
below) that until 1840 the district of Parrsboro is not included in the
1791 Census or 1827 Census for Cumberland County.

I did run across a John JOYCE in Tatamagouche in 1838 Colchester census ...
don't know if any connection or not:
1838 Census Records - Colchester County District : Tatamagouche
Family Number: 107 - John JOYCE
Occupation : Farmer
1 - Female(s) over 6 and under 14 years
2 - Male(s) above 14 years of age not a head of family
2 - Female(s) above 14 years of age not a head of family
6 - Total persons

John JOYCE b. abt 1795 d. 1876 Oct 8, age 81 in Tatamagouche, Colchester Co
Married date Unk - m. Elizabeth McELMON (b. abt 1779 in Londonderry,
Colchester Co, d/o Robert & Elizabeth McELMON of Scotland) - d. 1876 Sept 15
in Tatamagouche, Colchester
Note on Formation of Cumberland County Boundary:
The Township of Parrsboro was cut off from Kings in 1840, with one part of
it being annexed to Cumberland County and the other part being joined to
Colchester County. In 1838 a distinct line of division between Cumberland
County and Colchester County had been established. Two years later, in 1840,
the Township of Parrsboro was divided and part of it annexed to Colchester

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