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Hiram Brown and Margaret Van Buskirk

In Diane's message (see below) regarding Hiram Browns, my great-grandfather, Hiram Wilson Brown (124b) was the son of Wilson Brown (not Nelson - perhaps a transcription error) and Catherine Geehen. Maggie J. VanBuskirk is indeed his wife and the date of the wedding is correct in that it agrees with the family Bible. She was the daughter of Aaron VanBuskirk and Nancy Delay of Street's Ridge.

Hiram and Maggie Brown did not have a son James nor a son with James as a second name. According to Harry Brown in his "Valley of the Remsheg", Hiram had a brother James, but there is no reference to one in the family Bible and none of my great aunts or great uncles made any reference to a James when I was pestering them with questions as a youngster (I started this when I was about 12 years old).

It would be interesting to know who this James Brown belongs to.

Ellen (Brown) Muise

Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 08:46:38 -0400
From: "Diane Shaw" <diane.shaw@...>
Subject: BROWN, Hiram

Source: Index to Vital Statistics of The Chignecto Post Newspaper
1870 -1895 and the Amherst Daily News Nov 4, 1895 to Nov 15, 1902 - Prepared by Clarence McLELLAN, August 2000. (Sold by Cumberland County Museum.@ $10.00)
Submitted to the list by Diane SHAW - I do not know if this whom you
look for or not:

(CP Record #124b)- MARRIAGE: Hiram W. BROWN , son of Nelson and Catherine
BROWN to Maggie J. Van BUSKIRK on November 19, 1884.

(CP Record # 47a) - DEATH: Hiram BROWN March 28, 1880.

(ADN Rec. # 121) - Marriage: James BROWN, son of Hiram & Margaret BROWN to
Mary BROWN, daughter of Elias & Caroline BROWN July 11, 1899.

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