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The 1901 census, household #127, lists two other children for the Gillespie family: Leo, son, age 23 b 25/2/78 and Maud, daughter, age 26, b 26/04/75.

Edward Patrick Gillespie, s/o James & Margaret is named Edmond in Cumberland births, and also in the census returns for 1881 and 1891,
but in the 1901 census there is a Gillespie family headed by Edward who was b July 12, 1872 (your date for Edward, son of James & Margaret is July 11, 1873), his wife Joanna b July 27, 1873; son Alonsia b March 30, 1898 and son Charles born January 15, 1900. Might Edmond and Edward be the same person?

James D. & Fannie Gillespie's family in the 1901 census: Fannie, wife, b April 12, 1867; Gerald, son, b August 31, 1895; James, Head, b January 28, 1866; James, son, b March 31, 1887; Joseph, son, b March 30, 1892; Mary, dau b October 28, 1899 and Murice, son b May 23, 1894.

The headstone inscriptions I copied from St. Brigid's/Bridget's Cemetery place Mary in the above family--the dates on her stone were 1899-1914. Maurice had a headstone also, but no inscription other than his name. And there was a Frederick B. son of James D. and Fanny Gillespie, died April 11, 1910 aged 6 years and 6 mos., too young to be in the 1901 census.


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