William (2) BROWN & Anna STONER ?

Thanks all.... I'm compiling the James (1) BROWN info .. some questions:

Would Anna STONER be a 1st wife or maybe a second wife for William BROWN?
or maybe a Widow?

Above is in Reference to info below.
Children of James (1) & Sarah [HARRISON] BROWN (and recorded in Southampton

2 William (2) BROWN b. 19 May 1783 d. unk married in Maccan Ann WORDEN (b.
ca 1780) Their Children as per
Southampton Twsp:
(1) James b. 26 Jan 1809
(2) Lovel b. 27 Oct 1811
(3) Harrison b. 6 Mar 1813
also (fr James BURROWS
(4) Roselyn ca 1819 m. Luke SMITH
(5) Jane H. b. ca 1821 m. Stephen Read SMITH

William (2) BROWN b. 19 May 1783 ... married 2nd?? + Anna STONER (Source

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