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Good Morning

I have had a brick wall with my Brown family connections. My great great
grandfather James Furlong was married to two Brown girls. A Mary Brown first
and then a Sarah Brown who is my Great great grandmother. I have been unable
to establish who their parents were.

James Furlong b Sept 20, 1793 - d 1870
married Sarah Brown Nov 9, 1847 b 1808- d 1892

I am also connected through my Great grandmother Alice Hannah Smith. her
mother was Elizabeth H. Brown a daughter of John Brown and Ann Worden. No
info beyond this generation.

If anyone can fill in the blanks let me know.

Here in Lower Shinimicas it is a balmy - tooo cold for humans with a
wind chill of - too cold to talk about and looking out my window all
I can see is, nothing. Just a white blanket of nothing. I think I will
just lash myself to the computer today and hang on for dear life.

Stay warm everybody. Spring is right around the corner. Look hard you can
see it. Your looking in the wrong direction. Close your eyes, then look.
>From the storm epicentre ( In Lower Shinimicas we always dreamed of being in
the epicentre of something. This is it) I bid you a pleasant day.

Sheldon Furlong
Lower Shinimicas, Cumberland Co., N.S.

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