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Fellow Listers:
In regards to Cumberland County BROWN surname- questions for :Margaret

Do you know "when and from where" your James (6) BROWN came to Cumberland
County or
(my 2nd thought) - Did the James (6) live in Cumberland County?

James (6), Elijah (7) Thomas Ratchford (8) BROWN

> 1. THOMAS RATCHFORD8 BROWN (ELIJAH7, JAMES6was born February 13, 1824
in New Canaan, Cumberland County, N.S., and died April 06, 1886 in Aged 62
years, New Canaan, Cumberland County, N.S.. He married SARAH ANN MCCUSKER
June 02, 1857 in Parrsboro, Cumberland County, N.S.. She was born July 21,
1831 in Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland, and died November 15, 1919 in New
Canaan, Cumberland County, N.S..

Looks like headway is being made with the Thomas Ratchford (8) BROWN
I think the BROWN girls from Sheldon may be connected to the ones I seek.
I didn't think the Thomas R. BROWN family was connected to my three BROWN's
... but experience has taught me that they may be .. so started to put info
from all 3-4 submissions together... definitely a more complete picture !

For info on Thomas R. BROWN ...
Bob Fawcett
Margaret Annand
John D. Hartman
Eric Keys
Thanks all!