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BROWN, Stats from Chignecto POST Index

Fellow Listers:
Eric made a great clarification for the Hiram BROWN info and since I am
snowbound, I thought I would add some more of the BROWN info... until I
lose my power from this howling Noreaster or whatever comes to hand ( Maybe
a shovel).
I also have BROWN surname in some of my family lines (hard family name to
track) . Hoping Eric and others who may know details of the noted BROWN
individual can help to identify. ~Diane

The following BROWN DEATHS are all from McLELLAN's Index of The Chignecto
Post (CP) Newspaper 1870 -1895:

CP 1) Captain James E. BROWN died Aug. 9, 1894.

CP 2) Carrie M. BROWN died Dec 6, 1893

CP 3) Catherine Jane BROWN died Nov 24, 1884.

CP 4) Daniel BROWN died Jan 22, 1894

CP 5) Joseph BROWN died Apr 30, 1892

CP 6) Mrs. Violet BROWN died Mar 2, 1890

CP 7) Thomas R. BROWN died Apr 6, 1886

CP 8) John BROWN died Aug 1, 1883

CP 9) Maude O. BROWN died Jan 9, 1883, age 4 years old

The following BROWN DEATHS are all from McLELLAN's Index of the Amherst
Daily News (ADM) Nov 4, 1895 to Nov 15, 1902:

ADN 1)... Burton BROWN died Feb 1, 1901

ADN 2) ...George BROWN died Mar 12, 1897

ADN 3) ...George J. BROWN died Nov 25, 1899

ADM 4)... Hannah BROWN died May 2, 1901

ADM 5) ...Mabel BROWN died Aug 22, 1897

ADM 6) ...Mrs. Irene Deborah BROWN died Sept 4, 1899

ADM 7). Mrs. Jacob BROWN died Sept 2, 1901

(I'll send the marriages next, if this is any help to BROWN researchers)