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I must thank you again for your help. Your list "Catholic Church Registers" will be a great help and save much time on this end

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"A Selection of Micmac Words"
(A Suppliment to the Historical Essay, "The Micmac Of Megumaagee")

A Preliminary Note:
What I set down here is but the barest sample of Micmac words. The principal
source for these words, of course, is from the work of Silas Terius RAND
(1810-89). Rand was a farmer's son from Canning, Nova Scotia. His life's
work was to become the study of the Micmac language, a language he described
as "the most marvelous of all languages, ancient or modern. It was marvelous
in its construction, in its regularity, in its fullness."1 This by a man,
who, it is said, in his prime could speak and write a dozen languages
including Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

Rand made his home at Hantsport from 1853 to 1889. He compiled a dictionary
that consisted of approximately 40,000 words, translated the bible, and, in
his extended writings, "saved from oblivion," wrote of the rich mythological
lore of the Micmac.

Another work that I have drawn from is that of Elizabeth Frame, List of
Micmac Names of Places. Miss Frame is described of being from Shubenacadie,
a place at which the Micmac have long resided. Frame's original work came
about as a result of a request for the library of the Massachusetts
Historical Society; it was presented at its meeting, June 9th, 1892.
A 2nd page of Micmac links will follow.

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Mic Mac Indian geneoalogy
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