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A distant pic of Levi Ruston family markers
Alethia Ruusshton Adams
Allan and Phoebe Rushton
Annie B. Teed
Armenia and two other infants
Charles Rushton and wife Barbara Ellen
Charlotte Rushton wife of Levi
Clara M. Patriquin
Elijah Rushton and wife Frances
Elizabeth Rushton
Ella J. Weatherbee
Emily Rushton
Ephraim Rushton
Ezra Rushton
Frances Rushton and her husband Elijah
Francis Rushton and wife Olive Weatherbee
George A. Rushton
Georgenna daughter of Elias Rushton
Herman Rushton
James H. pos Eagles
James M. Eagles
James Rushton
John W. Rushton and his wife Lena Jordan at a distance
John W. Rushton
Lena Jordan wife of John W. Ruston
Levi Rushton
Lillie Johnson
Malcolm and Ann McLeod
Malcolm McLeod and Ann McLeod
Martha Rushton
Mary E. Rushton
Matilda Rushton daughter of Charlotte and Levi
Nancy wife of Elias Rushton
Nelson Rushton
Peter Rushton and wife Gracie
Sam Rushton
Samuel and Ann Rushton
Samuel Rushton and wife Agnes
Sarah D. Rushton daughter of David H and Sarah A. Rushton
Sarah Jane Rushton wife of Thomas
Tessie Morrell
Thomas Rushton
Unclear Rushton marker
unknown Moor
Westchester Mountain Pioneer Cemetery
Wilbert F. Rushton
William and Mary Weatherbee