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Acey Pettigrew
Albert Tait and Daisy Dixon
Alexander Tait d 1887
Alex Tait d. 1887 taken June 2010
Allan Tait 7 wife May King 2
Allan Tait, May King and daughter Retta
Allan Tait & wife May King 1
Alma Proudfoot daughter of James and Caroline Simpson
Amos Chase & wife Mary
Angus Dixon and Levia Mattinson
Anna Wood wife of George
Bessie Wood
Cyrus 7 Elizabeth Dickie & Children
Daniel and Henrietta Rushton 2
Daniel and Henrietta Rushton - Back of tombstones
Daniel and Henrietta Rushton
Dan MacIntosh son of Robert and Nancy Ripley
David simpson, elizabeth, Moore Simpson & John A. McDonald
David Wilson and Lois Tait taken June 2010
Elizabeth Dixon wife of James Mattinson
Eliza wife of Thomas King
Ernest, Lena Mae and Russell Tait
Francis wife of W.E. King 1
Francis wife of W.E. King 2
George Hunter & wife Lucy King
George Rushton and wife Armina Wilson
Gilbert Mattinson & wife Agusta Simpson
Isaac Paton & wife Elizabeth
Isaac Patton and wife Elizabeth
Isaac Simpson & wife Elizabeth
Isabelle Leander
James Wellington Simpson, Caroline Simpson
Jane Tait d 1928 taken June 2010
John King & wife eleanor
John Mattinson & Nancy Simpson 1
John Mattinson & Nancy simpson
John William Tait d 1887 taken June 2010
John William Tait Stone Back view
John W Mattinson, Celia Hollis & son Rupert
Joseph Obrien and wife Matilda
Laurence Simpson & wife Leona Mattinson
Leonard Stewart and Margaret Tait
Margaret Fraser Dixon - Named on stone beside this one as well with husband
Mildred and William Dickinson
Murdoch and sister Fahey
Oliver Wood and wife Rebecca June 2010
Oscar Gauvin
Philip Fahey and wife Catherine
Phillip Dixon, Delbert Dixon and Emma Tait taken June 2010
Phillip Mattinson and wife
Priscilla Rushton Tait
Priscilla wife of late Thomas Ripley
Renforth Simpson and family
Roderick Simpson, Clara, and family
Russell E Tait
Russell Tait in Memory of taken June 2010
Samuel Mattinson and Alice Oulton
Sherman Horton Simpson
Silas Tait and Elzina Rushton
Simeon Clark - Mount Pleasant Cemetery taken June 2010
Thomas Dixon, wife Margaret Fraser and son John
Thomas Mattinson and Jane Simpson
William and Mildred Dickinson
William Dickinson & wife Mildred
William Mattinson and wife Ava Eaton
William Tait located in front of Ernest Tait stone