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Alexander Cassie and Clara E. Langille
Alexander E MacBurnie and Myrtle M Drummond
Alexander L, Susan E., C. Edmund Locke
Alfred Betts and Ella Macinnes
Alfred Betts and Ella McInnis
Alma McNeil
Beldon Treen
Bessie A. Canfield
Blanch Patriquin
Burns A. Hartling and Bessie Purdy
Catherine Purdy daughter of Stephen and Isabella
Catherine wife of Henry Purdy
Charles A. Betts d 1922
Charles A Betts
Charleton Purdy and Minnie Langille
Charlotte Baxter Locke
Chas H, Estella and Laurence Betts
David, a footmarker in the Joseph and Margaret Treen plot
Dora A., Emma J., Alexander Porteous and Ester M. Treen
Edgar R. Betts, wife Minnie R. Purdy and infant daughter Syiva
Edward W Myers
Elija and Clara Betts
Elijah and Clara Betts
Elijah Fountain
Elijah Purdy and Wife 1
Elija Purdy and wife 1
Elizabeth, Maggie and William McDonald childre of Robert and
Ellis E Smith and Virginia M Treen
Emma Linscott
Ethel Jean Hickey and son Ronald Valentine
Etta Betts, actual stone
Eva Elvira Cameron
Frederick C Myers
Freeman Welton and wife Mae Purdy
Gabriel P Betts, wife Annie, Infant son, B Ruth and Alfred
George T Langille and Marion Smith
George Treen and Muriel Sutton
George W., Clarissa and Augusta Myers
George Wier Myers
Gilbert Purdy2
Gilbert Purdy and others
Gilbert Purdy inscription closeup
Gilbert Purdy
Gilbert Purdy sons nelson and Martin
Gladys M. Garrett
Gordon A. Langille 1924-1925
Hannah Treen
Harry W Smith, wife Gladys E. Treen, Eldred A Smith and wife Mabel L Treen
Henry E. Treen, Emma Studivan, Allison B. Treen,Mary Jane Nelson
H. Gilbert Purdy and Elsie
Hudson A. Locke
Hugh Smith, Annie Matheson, Lloyd F. and Elsie Smith
Isaac B Teed and Barbara McInnis
Jacob W Treen, wife Eliza and her mother Eunice Myers
James McCormick and Mary Treen
James W. Treen and wife Clarinda E. Purdy
John and George Purdy
John C, Lewis W and Janey Purdy
John, George and Anson sons of Gilbert and Elizabeth Purdy Closeup
John, George and Anson , Sons of Gilbert and Elizabeth Purdy
John, George and Anson sons of Gilbert and Elizabeth Purdy
John H Purdy and George R Purdy
John Porteous and Christina
John Purdy son of Lewis and Jane
Joseph T. Treen, Margaret A. MacEachern and son Burton
Lawrence R. Treen and wife Edith Schurman
Lewis Purdy back of stone inscription
Lewis Purdy, Sarah Betts and Mell
Lewis W Purdy, Sarah T Betts and Mell W Purdy
Loyal E Langille and Jean L Haines
Lucy Ann Carter Myers
Luther Betts and wif Catherine Miller
Luther, Jessie M.and Charles F. Myers
Malagash United Church 2010
Margaret Brown
Mary Ann wife of Samuel Teed 1
Mary Ann wife of Samuel Teed 2
Mary Ann wife of Samuel Teed
Mary Thompson
Myah Leese Frances Brander
Nelson and Martin Purdy son of Gilbert and Elizabeth
Nelson Purdy and Martin T Purdy
Peter and Ida Purdy - Close up
Peter and Ida Purdy
Peter Ralph
Phebe Jane Purdy and William Arthur Purdy
Phebe Simpson
Phebe wife of John Simpson(1)
Phebe wife of John Simpson
Richard W Porteous, Elizabeth McNeil and John Porteous
R. Nelson MacNeill and Isabel Murray
Robert A MacNeill, Annie J Byers and Thelma H MacNeill
Robert and Ruth McDonald
Robert B. Thompson
Robert R. Thompson
Robert R Thompson,Robert Kempton Thompson
Robert S Potter and Cora E Smith
Robert Studivan, Elizabeth Mitchell and Lawrence Edison Stud
Samuel, Arthur and Isabella McNeil
Samuel F. Jewers
Samuel Hartling, Maretta Treen and Adaline Horton
Samuel Purdy and wife Christie(1)
Samuel Purdy and wife Christie
Sandra Maureen Tibbets
S. E. Purdy
S.E. Purdy
Stephen and Isabella Purdy2
Stephen and isabella Purdy Closeup
Stephen and Isabella Purdy
Stephen C, Amelia, Walter, Goldie and Cecil Purdy
Stephen Purdy and Amelia(1)
Stephen Purdy and Amelia
Stephen Purdy and wives Harriett and Lillie
Stephen Purdy, Harriet Payne and Lillie Gullins
Stillman Purdy and wife Jennie 2
Stillman Purdy and wife Jennie
Stillman Purdy and wife Jenny2
Stillman Purdy and wife Jenny
Stones in the bush to the left of the cemetery and church.
Thaxter Mattall and wife Neva Canfield
The Hartling Plot
Urban R, and Marjorie Geraldine Smith
W. Elwood MacNeill, wife Ella Grace Vincent
Wilford and Everette, children of D and T Matheson
Willem Purdy
William, Caroline, Garnet, Ellen and Susan MacNeil