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Benjamin Canfield
Captain William Bickford Henley and Jane Moore Back view
Captain William Bickford Henley and Jane Moore
Claud Henley - almost illegible
emma Fitzsimmons 2
Emma Fitzsimmons
Howard Henley and William Hart Henley
J Alphonse Henley
Jane Moore Henley
John and Cecilia Grew
John F Reiter
John Henley-Hanley
John Moore Henley and Ellen Canfield taken June 2010
John Moore Henley
John W Henley son of Samuel
John W Moore 1822-1884
John W Moore 1871-1934
Lloyd Henley Stone, Blank side
Loyd Henley
Patrick Fitzsimmons 1
Patrick Fitzsimmons 2
Patrick Fitzsimmons 3
Vera Cuthbertson Thompson, Mae Cuthbertson Coates and Audrey Henley
Violet Boyles
William Bill Moore 1908 - 1982
William E Slack
William Hart Henley