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Alex & Louise Spence_407039917
Alvin "Mickey" Spence_602665950
Ann Almira (Pettigrew) Spence_21283392
Art & Agnes Canning_1474879727
Cecil, Margaret & Eva Rogers_1374240642
Cecil Vanderbilt Rogers_1978875373
Millar, William & Margaret
Miller, Cecil & Beatrice
Ernest "Leslie" & Jemima Spence_709387556
George Rogers_1659026380
Harmon & Mary Spence_614877565
Howard & Nellie Spence & Children_1280028268
John Finlay "Jack" & Pauline Spence_398259798
John & Helen (Dunlop) Spence_1377499983
John Seward Kennedy_912961377
John W Spence & His Son Ainsley B Spence_491622171
Kenneth Hannah_1671635037
Maryscot Anderson Spence 1956-1958_631684839
Mervin Garry Rogers_2052496887
Murdock & Hattie Spence & Children_178386221
Palmer & Maggie Spence & Son_786352682
Samuel & Mary (Rector) Spence_1504192836
Thomas Orville Canning_603999942
Tom & Maggie Spence_825283653
Vivian (Ellsworth) Spence_809904780
William & Anna Spence_339778652
William & Etta (Rogers) Quinn_109232908
William & Minnie (Kennedy) Canning_1517687155
William "Bill" & Phoebe Spence +Children_1853255843