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Alexander McAloney and wife Mary_1662397484
Charles H. Austin_1538224348
Daniel McLeod_169819393
Daniel Taggart_1986719912
Denleigh Clarke_2060576840
Edgar, Emily and William Currie_1685604311
Eric Clarke_863269465
Frederick MacLeod and Ada Matheson_641504947
George and Mary Currie_946628366
H. Allen Scribner_1997944053
Harden McAloney, wife and daughter_278740556
Harry L. Smith_1807795871
Henry L. McAloney_1481613140
James McAloney_1887670085
John Taggart_525215258
Kenneth W. Clarke_1821457018
Lester Clarke_474921829
Mabel Hall(McKinnon)_1973629586
Perley S. Smith_1460447140
Pineo Smith McLaughlin_122541740
Richard and Mary Clarke, daughter Sarah_1360370823
Sarah A. McAloney_1628232781
Thornton Taggart, 2nd wife Minnie Morris_448351531
William A. McAloney_832789406
William Clarke_311773472